I look at the world as a place to let yourself and your mind go free. Where your voice can be heard through poetry, singing, dancing and so much more. Its a place where everyone is free to be who they want to be. The world is endless with cultures, exotic places, amazing people and their unique opinions. My opinion is that writing can take you to a whole different place one that can reach beyond our “blue” sky. Where the sky could be purple all day if you want it to. Thats why I like to write.

I also love to play the harp. It makes the composers feelings alive and puts an angelic feeling in the room, where the sound takes over your body. I currently play in the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra. I absolutely love to swim, I’m joining a swim team soon… I love to read fictional, and real story novels, as well as paint, create, and sew. Oh… & I love the outdoors, flowers and spending time with my best bud; my dog, Polarny. It seems he would chase a squirrel to the end of the Earth!

I want to be a marine biologist when I grow up. Be in a swimsuit all day! And study the water and its inhabitants every day! Discover new creatures. Swim, scuba, meet many exotic things, its all so beautiful.  I love to picture me in a straw hat, gliding across the glass-like water.  Saving endangered species, and discovering the undiscovered in the deep blue sea!  I love the sunshine!

I think in general I love to wake up and walk into school with a fresh mind! I love to smile and laugh and play outside. I want to change this world in some positive way. The winds are changing for all of us! I love life! The world is an extraordinary place; be proud to be apart of it. Bye! See you soon!

– Mady

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