Reporter, Jennifer 8.  Lee. (click for her article) for the New York times has introduced us to a beautiful 2 year-old baby walrus.(Male)  Akituusaq was born on June 12th with unfortunate health complications.  After his death in late August twenty six months later, they realized hat within his last week he was coming down with a type of phenomena.  He started refusing food.  The staff realized a bit later that he sounded ass if his throat was swollen…  So they gave him antibiotics.   They little boy born on Coney Island in the New York Aqarium was so full of joy and life.

His birth as it is, was unusual in itself because not only    is it hard to give birth in captivity but Kulusiq, Akituusaq’s mother was a first time mother.  Plus, Akituusaq was born in captivity.  (Only ten walruses have been born in captivity since, 1968.

Staff say the “big boy” proved to be unbelievably healthy, and thriving in his aquarium environment .  Millions of people had seen him in his short life time and he melted each and every heart.

We can only take comfort that he is in a better place and that his life will never be forgotten.  Well miss you!

– Mady

P.S.  To see this beautiful baby in action, click on the “big boy” link  If you would like to read Jennifer Lee’s article in the New York Times click on the top. link.  Thank you!babywalrus


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