A Lost Cougar?

Now this is interesting!  For the real story you can go to this link. A cougar found in Seattle caused a whole entire park to be closed down!  They tried to catch it so that it would no longer threaten visitors of the park and so it could return to the wild.  The animal suprisingly, was not harming or even near where people were visiting.  The Cougar or “wildcat” was a two in a half year old male who weighed in at 140 pounds.  Supposedly the cat was in “fantastic health,”  saids Bill Berner.  They released the animal in the Cascade foothills, around Skykomish!  Beacause of its gentle and non-violent behavior at the park, the park investigators decided that they would like to “keep in touch” with the animal by using a global positioning collar.  No worries though, the park reopened shortly after this adventurous  event.  It just goes to show you, that no matter how  big or how scary all of us might seem, that itself doesn’t determine who they really are.  I love when simple things in life, like a cougar who losts his way, can teach us all valuable lessons!




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