Trade #1

This Thursday morning, was one of those mornings when you just have a weird feeling, almost like your forgetting something!  So when I got on the “excruciating long” bus ride, I spent a while dwelling on the subject, cause it just bugged me! As I was staring at the Milwaukee’s autumn scenery, I discovered that I neglected to keep persisting Sam, to trade something for my paper-clip.  Samantha in deed wanted  my paper clip, when I pointed out that she could use it to hold together her project; nevertheless she didn’t want to give up anything.  Then “out of the blue”  I felt something in my pocket!  A pack of “Big Red” gum.  Knowing Sam, at about this time…  Half asleep she would do anything for a pack of a gum.  I didn’t tell her what kind of gum it was, because I didn’t know if she preferred this or not.  Plus, I desperately needed something out of her, so I didn’t want to spoil anything right away.  I wanted to play along.  She ended up giving me a pair of dangling bright button earings that she “never wears.”  (I don’t know why.)  I think the fact that it was early in the morning helped a bit, plus Samantha loves gum!

– Mady

P.S.  If your a visitor and are just visiting my blog, this is all about an economics project were doing in school.  Its based off of this guy that was able to trade a paper-clip for a house!  Oops, I forgot to mention that tit was a red paper-clip!



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