Trade 1 1/2

As you probably all know, based off my latest post…  I know have the possession of some button earrings.  Yesterday, I wasn’t able to trade with anyone at home because they were my sister’s earrings and Sophia didn’t want anything. ( I really didn’t want anything of hers anyway.)  A couple of my friends were actually interested, but being me I had to be”silly” and forgetful and leave them on my dresser.  What is funny about it was that I actually had them in my hands as I was about to leave the house, but for whatever reason I decided to go back to my room and change my shoes.  God!  No worries, I’m just going to have to make up for it over the weekend;  its actually better this way anyway cause I’m going to see a bigger variety of people this weekend.  I’ll be back Monday with a lot more trades!

Thanks for Listening!

Peace Out!

– Mady

P.S.  Visitor you will understand this blog better if you read over my blog post – Trade 1.  Have a great weekend!



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