Trade 3!


I hit the jack-pot!  I was in the bus line… When Samantha McGuire asked anyone if they would like to trade with her.  I was open to anything, so I told her about my floral print, pink expandable notebook.  She liked it and traded me a generic Cola soda for it.  It was awesome.  I was thrilled.  When I got to the bus line I asked Samantha if she would like it.  She immediately begged.  Knowing that she had some great things in her room, I traded with her.   She drank it, and treated me like a goddess. (She loves Coke-A-Cola)  She didn’t have anything worth while in her backpack but she promised she would give me something after swim practice.  So… I was patient.  When we got home, I think I might have been half dead.  It was late.  So, I forgot about the whole trade in general.  Later today, during our five minute recess, I reminded Samantha that she owed me.  So after school, me and her are going to go rummaging through her room.  I’m going to find something great!  I mean after all, in terms of middle school; a soda is a big deal.  Especially to Sam.  I’ll be back with more news.  This has been Madelyn reporting from TMJ4.  Just kidding.  See Ya!

– Mady



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