“Last and Final Trade”

I do sometimes regret giving Samantha the Coke-A-Cola ahead of time; because I think that not having it would have motivated her more quickly to come up with something.  But I truly think I gave it all for the past few weeks.  I was constantly trading or thinking about strategies.  Thinking about who would maybe want this thing and that…  First I traded a little five piece pack of gum for two beautiful bright button earrings.  Than the earrings became an expandable binder that was pink and full of flowers!  Then for a Coke-A-Cola!  And the moment you’ve all been waiting for…  Drum roll! (Please)  A pillow/radio.  Its pink!  It can be connected with a CD, MP3, I-Pod…  You pick the sound and transmitted through the pillow.  So that your favorite tunes can be heard throughout your room.  Plus its cozy! The only glitch is that you need the connection from the pillows chord to your device. Still its worth it!  I’m happy with my efforts and my results even though it wasn’t  a flat screen.  Thank you for the cool oppurtunity.  I didn’t know it was possible to trade like this.  I truly enjoyed this project.

– Mady


P.S.  Mr. Skonecki I’d love to try this again; now that we have the experience and new  strategies.


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