My “Lovely” Weekend!

This weekend was unfortunately rushed.  I hate that.  Its like when you finally have two in a half days to lay it low its all got to go by so fast!  Go figure!  I mean, isn’t there something to be said about that.  We should protest for longer weekends.  Anyway, my mother being spectacular (as usual) surprised us with a wonderful visit from my grandparents.  They picked me up and we drove on the tree patched Layton Avenue for a while until we reached Muskego.  There we took the time to fix the ring they gave me for my birthday present.  My grandmother wanted the size to be fixed.  She wanted it to fit my middle finger better.  Its really beautiful!  Were picking it up on Friday.  It has my birth stone placed in it .  We then went to a “supper” (that s what they call it) where we talked and joked and caught up with each others lives.  After our scrumptious Italian dinner that I think we were all craving we took a walk next door to “Kopps.”  My grandpa has a huge sweet tooth.  When we visit them in Florida he always has pints of strawberries and gallons of ice-cream in his fridge.  It was Strawberry and Grasshopper Fudge.  I never told my family that part…  In was a perfect outing.  The weather was phenomenal with a slight refreshing breeze.  The flawless sky was the cherry on top of the sundae or the frosting on top of the cake. Whichever you prefer.  We went back home and played with my dog and visited with the rest of my family. It was a very rhythmic two days, on Saturday and Sunday concerts took up our lives.  Saturday was a rehearsal and on Sunday my patience at the rehearsal payed off. The Bay View Bash was a blast (I got this cool pair of vintage earrings for two quarters and the music was fun) and on Sunday Villa Terrace was beautiful.  Me and my friends played the harp for a flock of people in the mid-morning.  There was a bakery tray, a fountain, flowers, and a beautiful rustic courtyard that we plucked our harps in.  The day was gorgeous.  The rehearsal was quite boring but on Sunday I was ecstatic to play in front of all those people.  Especially in that gorgeous historic building.  We had fun; all of us.  After Villa Terrace we went to the Cedarburg  Wine Festival.  There were so many talented people and gorgeous things to look at.  It may sound boring but I love art fairs!

– Mady

For more beautiful pictures. (Click here)



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