“Panda’s for the future…”

Its pretty melancholily  to think about how some of the things we’ve seen in our life times won’t be there for the new faces in years to come.  Can you imagine pandas leading their way to extinction or any other thing for that matter.  Chris Packham thinks differently.  He believes that China’s efforts and funds to save the pandas could be spent on other environmental projects.  Like rainforest conversation.  He thinks that “breeding them in captivity is pointless if we do not have any land to release them on to.”  That I guess it true.  With their natural habitat being torn down and the rareness of breeding I don’t blame him for seeing things from that perspective. Mr.  Mark Wright from the Wildlife Conservation fund thinks differently.  He saids that, that exact problem in being treated. “Give them good habitat and they can, and do, take care of themselves.”  We just need to find them their well deserved habitat. They are presently trying to secure a habitat for the Giant Panda.  Chris Packham thinks that we have to look at the big picture, right?  Well, look at it!  The picture is if China lets that happen they will struggle to survive and there will be none for the future generations!  How can you give up on them!  We just need a little more time to encourage breeding and I’m sure that something good will come out it!  Its our responsibility as the human race to fix this!  After all, its our fault this is happening! Let us not be cowards and run away from what we started. I mean look at them!  They want to live!  But in Chris’s mind he’d “eat the last panda if he could have all the money spent on keeping them alive.” He was quoted saying this last year.   The pandas deserve a chance.  We cant run away!  We cant just let it go!  Its our fault!  I don’t care if he the panda eater himself is reading this right now!  Its not fair to them.  We owe it to ourselves, to keep them alive for the next generation.  Don’t let that happen!  Not forever, but untill they can survive on their own!  I hope you hear that, panda eater! For more videos, click on these links.

– Mady



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