The Oldest Living Owl…


Today I learned something new!  Cumbria I mean, I learn something new everyday but this just happened to be interesting.  In June of 2008 a twenty year old owl was found again.  This is four times as long as the average Tawny Owl!   She was born in 1987.  Experts were amazed that the beautiful bird had lived enough for them to see it again.  The bird was found in the same forest, she was found in.  The Kershope Forest (A 155,000 acre forest!) near the Border in the United Kingdom.    According to experts, the Tawny Owls are usually only found in that area because the families somehow stay very close together.  So the owl was very easy to find, come spring.  A fantastic surprise was found out when they came to see if she made it through the winter.  They found three chicks!  Actually, speaking of which; the forest staff themselves have placed over 200 nests in the forests to use.  If you read the actual column you would see how big of a priority these Tawnies are to this organization.  Anyway if this owl lives through October, its going to bypass the other records!  I’m inspired by this!  I think its amazing that this group of people is dedicating their time to this project.  Its beneficial on a lot of different matters.  1.) To help the birds, and endure that their lives go smoothly.  2) To share and study this knowledge of owl life expectancy.  3.)  So I can write about it!  I love owls!   Here is an example of the nests and the wonderful, inspiring, U.K. born owl.  Catch you later!

– Mady



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