“The Warhol Exhibit”

Oh  my goodness gracious gash! You know how the Warhol Exhibit enters the Art Museum on the 26th!  (Thats tomorrow) I guess, the Art Museum has decided to welcome the abstract artist early!  They have huge pink fountains in honor of his bright personality.  I was their this summer and they weren’t nearly as tall either.  The view is amazing. I want to get down there this weekend and have someone take a shot of me and the fountain.  Maybe I can post the photo on Monday…  It was truly breathtaking!  I’m so curious as to how they pulled it off!   Drive by sometime.  The Calatrava itself is a piece of art.  Maybe you could even witness the vast variety of beautiful artwork!  I love it.   The exhibits through January.  Although the fountains might be icicles by then.  The sooner the better, I guess!  Enjoy your weekend, while it lasts!

– Mady


– Mady


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