Chicago was absolutely amazing! We take a couple trips during the year. My mom used to live their and besides I love it! The streets are bustling with such a diverse set of people. I love the way people get around. Subways, taxis, elevated trains, buses, walking… On Friday my Mom took us down on the Metra and we made our way down the beautiful historical streets to Sheds Aquarium! It was truly majestic. I mean its always been that way but… I mean the belugas, walruses, dolphins and everything in between makes me miss it even more. They even have a new show! Even the ocean outside of the building was sparkling. After the spectacular views at Shed’s we took the 146 Bus to the Water Tower. We walked around and witnessed the wonderful changes and sights. Unfortunately Friday had to come to an end, sooner or later. So, we took a cab (The cab driver was nice.) to the train station. It was a wonderful night that inspired me, as it does every time I visit. Its a diverse, artistic, historical part of the world thats right next door! Go and visit! The views are truly worth visiting.  By golly to I love banking days.  Farewell for now lads and lassies.  For more pictures click on…

– Mady

shed aquarium


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