Is it Greener On The Other Side?

“Sometimes I find myself wishing for a variety of things. Sometimes I want to look from the windows of a castle or have a huge forested yard. But then I realize that even if I reach these wishes I’ll want another… Its how we are, unfortunately. The human race will always have dreams that will never be granted. We have to grasp the concept of reality and be satisfied and happy with what we have. Sometimes you cant have both sides of the pasture. Its not greener on the other side. There are pros and cons to everything! Or we will live our lives with envy, jealousy, and no joy. I don’t want that. I’m quite enjoying life w/o those feelings. I want to go through life with a smile on my face.”

– Mady

Picture 5


4 thoughts on “Is it Greener On The Other Side?

  1. u r an awesome writer maybe u should make a book mor become a writer Like i have the first paragraph of my book that I am writing though it sucks but u should like write a book and it will be at number one on the bestsellers list.

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