Look at a Hand

Sometimes a single hand can tell you where one has been. You can get sort of understand a speck of a person’s life and footprint when you shake their hand. Whether they twiddle your thumbs or you work hard in your back yard. Think about that when you decide to make fun of someone or gossip behind their back. Put the feeling of their hand into perspective. Respect a human being enough to give them a chance. I don’t look at it like that, though. I look at it as a beautiful thing. Whenever I feel my mothers hands I think of all the times she touched a paint brush. When I feel of my great grandmothers I ask for more stories… I love to be able to have a visual snapshot created with a single touch. Its sentimental, it allows you to respect someone on a deeper level.  They’ve been through what you are beginning.  Appreciate their presence of wisdom!

– MaDy

Picture 2


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