How can it be?

Sometimes homophones screw me up! The English language has no reasons sometimes…

Like ~ Extra Ordinary

& Extraordinary

Same pronunciation, word, and spelling but completely distant in meaning. When I think of “extraordinary” I think of an inconceivable no remarkable sight or thought. So, when I think of extra – ordinary I think of a “plane jane” turkey sandwich. Is that wrong? Sometimes I feel myself questioning things I say on a daily basis. The English language can be mind boggling sometimes! It is completely and utterly silly! I feel like I’m making something so simple, complex. As if I’m abnormal. “Oh no!”

P.S. For more smiley face pictures click below on this!


2 thoughts on “How can it be?

  1. HI:) Go on my blog and copy and paste the link on my newer blog talking about the dance if u wanna c the slide-show of pics that I got with my phone.

  2. Haha! That’s funny

    Hey, I re-did one of the pictures that I took from the Halloween dance/ Party. I have a ink to it on my blog. CHECK IT OUT!!!!!

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