Stupidity and Oranges don’t go!

I just witnessed the stupidity that can be created when Madelyn (me) and oranges just so happen to be a few inches from each other.  This morning I basically  packed my own lunch and threw in a decent orange. (Little did I know.)  The stupid thing didn’t want to be eaten and I was taken hostage to the horrible pain of citrus acid in my right eye?  If it didn’t want to be eaten, why didn’t it stay on the shelf or the tree to begin with?  God, why am I such a klutz?  The whole produce section hates me!  Everyone laughed and it was really embarrassing.  I don’t want to  dwell on the  subject any more, to tell you the truth.  Bye, now!  Oh!  For more maddening citrus pictures click on the pic.

~ Mady


3 thoughts on “Stupidity and Oranges don’t go!

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