Being a Klutz Is Overated!

Being a “klutz” is fun somewhat, if you have the power to control it. Ya, its funny but behind that laughter is some serious pain! I can’t help that I have a lack of balance or that I’m prone to stupid accidents! People joke all the time. I love the laughter but I don’t think they seriously understand how much pain and agony comes of these simple minor flukes. Consider yourself lucky to have grace or at least some balance in your life because some people believe it or not lucky to have none whatsoever. Hint hint!!

  • Fell in a ditch, scarred my thigh
  • Stood on a ball, hit my head (on cement I might add)
  • knicked my hand on the drum sander, my fingers suffering (it burns!)
  • Blister, running through Pick’n Save…
  • Almost ran into a pole, I’m dizzy! (It came out of nowhere in my defense.)
  • Tripped on a garbage can
  • a bunch of bruises from various sources…

I feel like I could sleep for a week! And the WKCE isn’t making anything more exciting…

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