More of 80’s…

Why do I love it?  It was fun!  The fashion was dead on creative!  The times were powerful and inspiring.  Well, you know from yesterdays blog but still.  People came to school with fishnet tights and moccasins!   Know its all  denim and “Abercombie” logos.   Not that I don’t like what everyones wearing now, I’m just simply telling you that I miss the days my Mom lived!  Looking back at those yearbooks from ’82 tells it all, really.  Sometimes, (well a lot of times) things can’t be explained with words.  As hard as I might try, me or my mother can’t really explain her stories quite completely. There to fun and lively…  Times were similar but yet very different!  I said it once and I said it before, I want to live it!  Simple, fun, wild, creative any other words appeal to me in a very powerful way!  I can’t help but be envious of simplicity, because there isn’t much in my life.


P.S.  Look at my past post and vote!


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