A Weekend With Much to Say!

“This weekend was one of the best I think.  I love weekends with tons of surprises and things to do!  My worst fear is being bored!  I hate it.  Its like a moment with no purpose; a second not worth living!

On Thursday we took a spin by my great grandmother’s house. (My mom’s side) Thanksgiving was wonderful.  Scrumptious, just as the week before at my Dad’s side’s celebration!  It was wonderful to get together with people that I don’t see otherwise…   My lovely and wild cousins were there and we caught up with the others lives.

On Friday we got up early!  Mom saids that “we can sleep when were dead!”  In our car we went at about 8:00ish and drove a path towards East Troy.  There we picked up two of my best friends (cousins also) Gracie and Evy.  We had lunch and she slept over.  The only thing that could of been upgraded was the salad that I munched on.  It didn’t really matter, though!  I had other things to focus on!  The sleepover was fun and in the morning we went to Country Springs in Waukesha.  It was great because I got to spend time with my cousins who live down in Arlington Heights because they were staying there for the weekend!  The slides were pure joy and I made it across the log stretch four or five times.  (I tried plenty but most of the time I fell in.)  It felt good to swim for fun again.

Saturday night, I begged to have the permission to go see New Moon but my response was negative.  My mother said I could go later and that Sophia was too young to see such things.  So when my grandma and grandpa came to pick us up we went to the Christmas Carol 3d!  “OOoh, Ahhh!”  It was hilarious and fun nevertheless!  It was nice to see a humbug turn into a cheerful spirit!  We slept over and had Italian that night at our grandparents.  I was over joyed because usually its the other grandparents I sleep over at.  It was fun and different to be able to catch up with them too!  The bed was absolutely amazing!  Though, I’ve been told by Sam that it probably wouldn’t of mattered because we were about as dead as a dorn nail after those intense hours of swimming and climbing up those wooden stairs!

On Sunday, Mom picked us up late after a deliciouso breakfast of pastries, scrambled eggs, jam and bacon.  We watched a bit of T.V. and just hung around and chatted.  It was nice after a busy weekend to just snuggle up and wake up slowly with pajamas still on.  I wore them the whole day, actually!  After grandmother pleaded for ideas on gifts for Christmas (she didn’t know what to get for anyone) and that I would tell her later I walked my dog and watched Transformers 2!  Its a pretty good movie.  If I were a transformer, I’d want to be one of those airplanes that lands on the water.  Therefore I’d be able to fly and walk on water!  That would be too cool!

My weekend was fantastic and I’m so glad we had Thursday and Friday off.  It gave me even more time to have fun and laugh a little more.  I hope this weekends just as enjoyable.  What would you be?  What did you do this weekend?  Comment!  I love feedback!”


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