With every season my love channels. I love all the seasons. If not for the beautiful Wisconsin weather I wouldn’t be able to experience all of them every year. Its wonderful isn’t it. Though I love them all, I wouldn’t be able to live without one of them. Its almost as if you look forward to the next; does that make sense?

Now I want it to snow. In some towns it has, but I prefer to only consider it when it has touches the porch steps in front of my house. Or on my humbling old white windowsill. It will be fun to frolic in the snow. Ice skating and sledding with hot cocoa always puts pervades the house with white footsteps and a wonderful evergreen smell. Boy, do I love it! The snow looks breath taking on the tops of trees as if they’d just all taken in unison a huge long bubble bath. (Must have been one big tub.) Christmas is also rendering near, but you probably have already started counting down without me. (I’m slow.) See you a bit later, enjoy waiting for whatever you wish for at this moment.

~ Mady

P.S. Comment and vote, I love feedback!


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