Christmas Trees :)

I love the smell of evergreen, as you’ve already real!  Cutting down your own Christmas Tree and planting a new one (to keep the population in balance) is one of the many things and traditions I look forward to when Christmas finally loops around once again.  I love bringing it home and feeding it water in the morning.  Decorating it with ornaments in the attic and stringing cranberries and popcorn are timeless and will never grow out of my life.  Blogthings (find the link on Ashley’s blog or mine) tells me that my personality fits more of one of a blue tree (like a blue spruce) but I prefer an old fashioned green tree.  The American Christmas depends on a green true that can be seen just by stepping from the frosted pavement into a warm typical house.  Its what we remember, its what I’ve grown up with and its what lyes in my Christmas memories.  Therefore, I can’t wait to go rummage through my closet and find my favorite boots.  I’ll need my striped mittens, my bur et, my Goodwill woven coat and a random scarf because I’m going tree huntin’!  (This weekend, or at least thats what I’ve been promised.)

~ Mady


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