Swedish Fish (Yum, Yum…)

Last night, I had a craving. Though I had no idea what it might be, I began searching. Creeping from shelf to shelf I couldn’t ease my sweet tooth! Funny, huh? This frustration went on for a couple minutes until (duh, duh, duh, duh…) I remembered my stash of Halloween candy in a jar on my dresser. Haha! Desperately making sure not to make the slightest sound (hard with ancient wood floors), I opened the jar to find a little pack of Swedish Fish. Boy, are they good! It was a perfect combination of sweet and gummy. The little bag was just enough to ease that craving of mine and send me back into one of my various crazy dreams.

~ Mady

P.S. Did you know Swedish Fish are made in Canada? The link to their sight is just below. Know I have a reason to love Canadians even more!

Click here!

Almost Forgot!


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