Now, this month were reading another interesting novel! Its amazing! I couldn’t put it down! Actually, I’m surprised that I was able to sneak a blog post in! It’s by Alyson Noel and so far its captured me wonderfully into its chapters; one by one. I love how shes able to find room for overwhelming humor but at the same time really share a story that I can relate to as an eighth grader going on to become a freshman next year. Shes written five novels according to the back of my paper back. (I’m sorry if the information is invali

d.) I look forward to reading other books of hers as she creates her sixth, bound to be amazing novel in Laguna Beach, California where she currently lives. (Though I love Wisconsin, I’m so envious! Wait, let me take a couple seconds to cool down.) (Elevator music playing…) Alright! Anyways, got to get back to Echo, she needs my support as her life keeps drastically changing and becoming even more difficult.

~ Daisy

P.S. Have nothing to do? Go to or click here! (I also have it as a link on my sidebar!)


3 thoughts on “books…

  1. omg mady! i love alyson noel! she’s such a great writter. i read a few of her books. u should try and read her immortals series! me an antoinette love it!

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