Sometimes, when the Midwest experiences severe and utterly ridiculous weather, it becomes necessary for one to talk about sunshine. In my case, this is vital! Don’t get me wrong, snows great! Only, when theres a wind shill of what it feels like to be below zero and your mittens are doing a junky job, well… Anyway, I’ve decided to write a blog post on the Hawaiian Language. (Only this reminds me of all the times my mother and father have gone and left me behing, but still…) The ocean mist, warm sand, and beautiful views have conforted me for the past few minutes and maybe they can work their magic on you too!

Heres the alphabet, (that actually originates from the Polynesian Language) isn’t it cool that they only use a few consanats from our alphabet? Maybe I’ll learn their beautiful language someday along with all the other languages and things I want to do in life. Oops, that sounded sarcastic. I’m just upset is all, don’t mind me… It seems like the day all my wishes come true is far from sight!

A, E, H, I, K, L, M, N, O, P, U & W!

Only twelve of them!

(The font is going all whacked out on me!) So goodbye friends or should I say “aikane.” Have fun dreaming, sorry I’m behind! I’ve been in and out of the classroom so often that I’ve barely had enough time to finish my blog posts. So where are we at? Oh, yes… I owe you two more. See ya later! “A hui how!” (In Hawaiian.)

~ Daisy


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