Payday Friday!

Finally! The day has come for our gym frday; one that has been rightfully earned! We’ve waited patiently over the months (I’m exaggerating a little tiny bit) in shop, art, music appreciation and general music enviously watching the other class in the gym having a jolly old time. Its not that we don’t like our specials; trust me we all enjoy them. (As far as I know.) But why do they ironically have every Friday in school and ours fall on banking days and holidays. Its a complicated feeling, I’d totally rather have a day off than be in gym but something still seems unfair! Anyway, on to a brighter subject! Today we finally grasped our free time with a laugh and had a great time. Right? Mr. Skonecki even came in and shot a few hoops!

~ Dasiy

P.S.  Were even on the number of polls now, right?


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