Spilling… (Uhhh!)

Okay, so heres my side of the story!  It seems like I’m having a bad week, I mean its gotta be!  That our really horrible luck which is nothing new as far as I’m concerned…  In the past few days I’ve spilled milk(s), orange juice(s), water(s), soda(s)!  Its not fair!  Everyone gets all flustered, cranky (not mad), and their attitudes get altered.  Its not like I asked for this stupid and clumsy fate, I was born with this destiny.  I mean I help clean up…  “Sorry, there!”  I said it…  Don’t worry I’m not upset just frustrated that I can’t get through one sitting without spilling the beverage I’ve been given to slurp.  Its not fair to me or the drink.  I’m dehydrated!  Its a waist and I don’t know what to do.  What should I do?

~ Daisy


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