I swear!

So, like many of you have heard, the bus fiasco is a complete nightmare!  (Riding the bus is completely overrated!)  Nevertheless, I ride it every know and then cause it saves my Mom and Dad a bit of work and gas!  (With the economy I guess there preserving every milliliter of it.)  So, today at about five to seven I walk outside, right?  Not half bad considering how cold it has gotten…  Anyway, for whatever reason the street lights are still on.  Must be like a certain time in the morning when they turn them off I guess.  But then me and Sam heard this offly (spelled wrong) weird sound.  Almost like a tornado siren but more musical, but definitely just as repetitive.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not paranoid but after two rounds it vanished and I claim it was a lost ice cream truck.  What do you think it was?  My sister thought it was a tornado siren but as far as I know the news wasn’t aware of that, was it?  Jeez, I think I’m loosing it!

~ Daisy

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