We just finished WKCE testing, why on Earth is the Benchmark testing a complete necessity?   Can’t they already see how far we’ve improved since the beginning of the year?  This is crazy!  WKCE, math test, science test and now Benchmark!  The world has been taken over and its our responsibility to put an end to this foolishness!  Please…  (I’m begging you, help me!)

~ Daisy

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3 thoughts on “ikkk

  1. the teachers are trying to kill us all off … giving us tests to stress about and stress cause heartattacks, then they decide to pass out condoms when they no that doesnt protcet against STD’s I think we should start a pitition or something =)

  2. I agree that testing is boring, but they only want to see it we’re improving. Besides, testing is really important… well to me anyways. See, I want to skip algebra in high school and go straight to geometry. Then, I’ll eventually have to take trig. If you take trig and higher, you can earn collage credits so you don’t have to take that math if you need it in collage. It’ll save you loads of money.


    P.S. This is my longest comment ever.

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