Okay, heres the deal… You listen to this story and I won’t act weird again, promise! Its just that last night when Sam and me were talking in bed the window just flashed open unexpectedly! Out of the blue and for no apparent reason! I’m pretty darn sure it was closed firmly, if I might add… Someones watching us… Someones out there… Only, whats worse is that I think the creepers outside know what I appear as now. Why? Cause Sam had to be a jerk and force me off the bed to close the window so she could sleep easy. God, how selfish… Why can’t I sleep easy, why couldn’t I shove her off the cold bed? Some day shes going to get a wake up call. Some day… She’ll be sorry when the creepers take me forever, so sorry she’ll have to cry herself to sleep. Oh! Whats worse is that we had to do that Benchmark Short Answer Question. It was mildly challenging but I’m so sick of testing that I couldn’t help to be bored out of mind.

~ Daisy


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