My Weekend/Collach (I know I spelt it wrong.)

Ok, so now everyone thinks I’m a complete goof, I know. Its just that, this spelling is way cooler! Don’t you think? (KO-LASH) Maybe I’ll spell more words the way I want them! No, cause then the whole world would be what I wanted and it would be a perfect world. Who knows? Maybe my perfect world is nothing like yours. So, I’ll be content with my collage misspellings, if you don’t mind… Anywho! I’m going off on a tangent its time to get to it!

This weekend was pretty fun! Friday, after school my mom picked us up and we went over to her friend, Debby’s house. We talked, watched episodes of the Munsters and had tastes of her chocolate covered snacks! (It was too good to be true!) Apparently, she made like hundreds of everything, so she sent us away with a package of goodies. It was fun and I miss seeing her.

Friday night when we came home, and thats when my cousin, Grace called. (Shes one of my best friends.) So, me and Sophia (who played with my guy cousins, the whole time) ended up sleeping over at there house. Turns out I’m really good at both Monopoly and Guitar Hero, who knew? We had a jolly great time. Ohhhhh! I like that word ~ jolly. A little later, Meg (my aunt) had some errands to run and so we headed on over to Mayfair! While, she returned some what-ya-ma-call-its we hed on over to the food court and had some great Chinese! In the morning we went to this Birthday for Jesus thing at one of their community buildings. Grace and I volunteered at the cupcake station… Well leave it there with suspense. (Da, Da, Da, Daaaaaaaa!) After, volunteering we went out for lunch with
Grandma Linda at Burger King. After that, me and Grace had a girl day. We straightened out hair, did our nails, and a whole bunch of other crazy stuff I wouldn’t of done in a million years! It was lots of fun!

Later that night, she had to go to a concert with a friend, that had planned before the sleepover. So, we said our goodbyes and Meg and Joe got us vanilla cones (they thought the size of the cone, was a rip-off) and Mom, Dad and Sam picked us up at Sports Authority. There, Mom got me some volleyball shorts and knee-guards.

Sunday, was collach day. Mom took me to one of my favorite stores, Artists and Display and I got some last minute things to finish my collage. We met the owners dog, Erin and I got some cool ideas for fun things I’d been needing to get done on my own time. Oh! I went to Mayfair, again that day! Grandma, picked me up… Samantha, Sophia and I helped her pick out some presents for my other cousins. She also helped me sneak around and pick up some surprises for my sisters! I always get them something.  Plus, shopping can be fun in a lot of cases!  Though, at times I really wish I didn’t cause Sam hates surprises and hasn’t stopped buggin’ me ever since…

I know this was a long post, so I have to congratulate you!  Please take this time to pat yourself on the back…  Thank you for continuing to read my blog posts and comment!  I really appreciate it!  Have a marvelous day and enjoy your Winter Breaks.  (Tomorrows our last day!)

~ Daisy

P.S.  Thank you, Ashley for the beautiful gift!

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