Iris Segragation…

Though, I am blue eyed, can see the board better thanks to Ms. Clark and am getting special treatment (which is quite fun) I feel that this is unfair. This was outlawed a long time ago! Look it up… Do you think its fair? Skin is no different from eye color. The room of 205 is going to reck our government. Were walking into another civil war! I have friends over there. Oh, no… Their in the hall standing against the wall with their hands over their head. Anyways, though I appreciate Mrs. Clark’s generosity I think that brown, hazel, green, yellow, purple or orange eyed colored people are just as important in this room as well as intelligent as one of us. To help me prove this, please vote! (Including those in the back.)

~ Daisy

(I don’t want to be racist in any way so I am keeping my font color anonymous.)


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