Winter Break…

I know, I know… This is the blog post that should be paragraphs and paragraphs long! Well, the truth is… I just had fun! Thats what me and my sisters do best, actually. We played and played to our hearts desire and we not once, lost that passion. My family and I also went to see a couple of movies here and there. We enjoyed movies like Avatar, New Moon and Princess and the Frog! (All of which were phenominal, by the way.) The break was full of cocoa, ice skating and sledding as well! Samantha and I actually learned to fly! I think we might have actually broken a record or something, even. Cause all we used was our own wit, some necessary coverage (like snow pants and scarves) and one “plain jane” plastic sled and we reached height. Believe it or not I think I’ll go into depth on the subject. Hear me out, will ya?

Its not really that long of a story but nevertheless our sleds deserve it, considering the damage we probably caused them. So, off to Grandma’s we went… (Sing it!) “Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house we go… The horse knows the way to carry the sleigh in the wide and drifting snow oooo…!” There, we frolicked in her big back yard (so jealous) with our dog. While sledding down the hill we realized all the possibilities we had simply ignored. (I was the only one who really did but for my sister’s sake I’ll let it slide…) We shouldn’t just favor one hill or the other, right? So, off like Eskimos we went and we flew.  Yah!  We flew, bebe…   It was amazing!   Those sand dunes on the golf course my grandparents lived so closely by worked like magic.  Try it sometime…  The holes, hills, sand dunes, and traps make a wonderful obstacle course for sledding extravaganzas!  To find these wonders travel to the country…  Well thats it, I guess…  Have a wonderful day…  Hope your break was as great and humble as mine!

~ Daisy

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