Light Therapy…

Though I love all of the seasons dearly for my different reasons, it doesn’t take me long to get “sick and tired” of winter! I mean, spring has the beautiful smells, rain and the bike comes out of the garage. Fall’s leaves, treats, holidays and colors are amazing and summer is just pure fun. Winter? After sledding, ice skating and drinking a bit of cocoa I’m through! Now, all I see is a huge pile of nasty slush on the curb… I’m dead serious. So, year after year I struggle to find some Vitamin D or Light Therapy. (People can actually receive light therapy! I learn something new everyday!) Its vital to each and every one of us and I believe I’m running short. So, instead of going to one of those tanning beds that I wouldn’t be caught dead in (I’m claustrophobic) I’m in the process of bribing my parents to take us like they do every year to Florida to see my grandparents. (Plus the beach and every other amazing thing that comes with that.) Unfortunately, I’m not dead sure that were going this year because of the recession and all but miracles do happen, right? We go every year! They can’t do this to me…

~ Daisy

Heres a little glimpse at heaven. (You can actually navigate the map!)


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