My Conscience…

Yesterday (pardon my french) was a screwed up day! Ask Ashley? Though, I had no shortage of laughter ever during my classes I was constantly being “slow.” In Ms. Mattson’s a girl that Ms. Jeness said was from the “far east” (meaning her classroom) came in and I immediately thought she was really from Africa, the Middle East, or Southwestern Asia. So, when I was talking to Ashley about it during lunch and planning to complement her on her fluent English I was humiliated. Gash!!! I’m crazy. As if that wasn’t enough, on the way home as I was walking across the playground I truthfully thought that what was really my sister was my dog sitting in the car? What is wrong with me? Salami sandwiches don’t have high amounts of sugar and intelligent strainers in them, do they?

~ Daisy

P.S. Feel free to answer any of my questions! (Please!)

(There is no picture crazy and funny enough to describe my feelings of yesterday’s episode right now, I apologize.)


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