I guess theres nothing else to write about, is there? Well, anyway its not like I cant write a post, I made a vow to myself never to skip a day without a legitimate excuse so here it goes! I’m kind of frustrated with my schedule! Every school activity has to be on a Tuesday or Thursday and those are the days that I’ve got something downtown. (extra curricular) I mean, I’m not asking for the world to change for me but it would sure be nice if something was on a Wednesday or Monday. How do they expect Forensic members and Volleyball members to practice at the same time? How do people with other things going manage there schedule? I mean, I’m pretty good at managing my schedule and sacrificing stuff that I don’t need but I can’t give up orchestra and I want to do Forensics and Volleyball! (Orchestra is on Thursdays. Ironic, huh?) I guess I’m just going to have to settle for the private meetings with Ms. Wells and get to whatever practices I can. Hopefully there not all on Thursdays from here on out. Any other day! Come on! Plus, I have to start all over cause the rules have changed from last year. Over the summer I worked on my storytelling piece for this year but now we cant make up our own piece anymore so I’m left searching for a good author… Thats all, nothing but frustration. Got suggestions?

~ Daisy


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