4 Day Weekend!

Everyone is so ecstatic about the four day week end coming up! It’s going to be like two weekends in one! I can’t wait to relax and sleep past 5 a.m. I’m also excited that theres actually more than nothing to talk about. We won 2nd place in the volleyball tournament (29:27), I’m practicing my Forensics piece on Alice and Wonderland, it’s Ms. Clark’s last day 😦 and now this! I don’t know what to do with myself! I can’t believe it! Why can’t I have more blogging days like this more often. So, I guess I have nothing to complain about, I mean its been a two day week… I am kind of sad I missed the so called, fun day yesterday (apparently there was a lot of free time) but playing volleyball practically all day was worth it. I guess that’s all I’ve got today, sorry about the lame picture but MPS is blocking all the good ones. Are you excited for the weekend?

~ Daisy


8 thoughts on “4 Day Weekend!

  1. I guess I’m excited about the four day weekend.. I’ll probably be bored at home though. Waaa. :[ Oh, and crongradulations on winning second place!!!!! I’m sure you’re really good at playing volleyball. And I think doing Alice in Wonderland. It sounds fun! I’m sure you’ll do good at that. Haha. :]

    • Thanks, your always so nice to me! How was your weekend? Was it boring, mine kind of was… I kind of just slugged around there isn’t much to do with this dreadful weather and I cant do Alice and Wonderland anymore because I can’t find one thats not a chapter book and the whole performance can only be 4-8 minutes long! So, ya… See you at lunch!
      ~ mAdY 😀

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