Its been a weird day and thats basically what I have to say. Ooh! That rhymes… I mean, first I have to retake a Math Study Island Test that I already did, than at shop as usual its been pretty boring, and now I have nothing to do but read the Giver book that now I’m finished with for the 3rd time! (It all ends well.) So, ya. I’m not sure what to make of it. Its like a so, so day. I can’t complain cause theres no homework but it sure hasn’t been that fascinating either. I hope Friday comes fasts so that I can have another great weekend. See ya later, I guess I shouldn’t be elaborating on something thats not worth elaborating on!

~ Daisy

P.S. Tuesday I get to find out when I’m getting my braces on! πŸ˜€

P.S.S. Heres one of those optical illusions I’ve been receiving in chain emails.

Instructions: Look at the dot on his nose for sixty seconds and then look up. You should see Jesus moving towards you. It works for me! Comment back, and tell me what happened for you!


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