The Seven Wonders of the World!

Supposebly, there are seven wonders of the world, right? Well, over the last twenty four hours I’ve become curious and I’ve found a pretty legitimate sight explaining each and every one of them. The problem is, there are tons of different kinds of wonders: Medieval, Underwater, Modern, Ancient… The list goes on and on. But for the sake of time I’m going to list the Natural Seven Wonders of the World. Please vote, rate and comment. Hope you enjoy your weekend!

~ Daisy

1.) Mount Everest – (Border of Tibet) Nepal

2.) The Great Barrier Reef – Northern Coast of Australia

3.) The Grand Canyon – Northern Arizona

4.) Victoria Falls – Africa (Between Zambia and Zimbabwe)

5.) Harbor of Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

6.) Paricutin Volcano – Mexico

7.) The Northern Lights (The Aurora Borealis) – popular up north

So, which one? To find more about these wonders click here.


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