Tic Tacs!

I love Tic Tacs!  Sometimes, I go crazy for them.  Theres something about them.  There so fun, so fresh.  They make me happy!  I know what I’m saying probably sounds like a lame spokes person or someone who has completely become buzurk but I love them!  Another thing I love is this commercial!  I couldn’t post a youtube video cause it’s blocked (thanks Mr. Skonecki) but I can give you a link to the site.  All you have to do is click on the link and click the button on the top of their page labeled:  Tic Tac on TV and it will take you right to the commercial!  I want to learn how to do this!

Here is the link to the site.

~ Daisy


4 thoughts on “Tic Tacs!

  1. I love Tic Tacs too! They are soooo yummy!(: But, I just noticed they kind of look like pills. I wonder if you put them in a medicine casew thingy, people would think it’s pills. :0

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