Groundhog’s Day!

I hate to bring it you like this but apparently we’ll be experiencing six more weeks of winter! That means bundle up until the 16th of March guys! “Why?” you may ask… Well, the two most famous groundhogs: Punxsutawney Phil from the United States and Wiarton’s Willie from Canada both saw their shadows today so six more weeks of winter for us! That means that St. Patrick’s Day marks the first day of Spring. Weird, huh… Well, I guess thats all for now folks! To cheer you up I’m making a countdown towards Spring unless of course your into polluted snow, barren trees and weather that wants to make you stay in bed all day. Talk to you later!

~ Daisy

If you want to go to the Groundhog’s Websites click here and here.

St. Patrick’s Day is 43 days away! Yipee! I can’t wait!

P.S. I think the guy holding the groundhog is kind of freak! Now I feel really bad for the groundhog. Hes being held like hes about to be thrown across a baseball field. Is that animal abuse? Maybe we should sue…


12 thoughts on “Groundhog’s Day!

  1. That old man there… He’s holding the groundhog pretty tight don’t you think…? HARASSMENT! HE’S GOING TO EAT IT! Just kidding. I like St. Patrick’s Day. I don’t like Valentine’s Day though. Makes me sad.

  2. Actuallyyyy…
    The Milwaukee County Zoo’s groudhog DID NOT see his shadow.(: Which means.. EARLY SPRING FOR US!!(:

    & By the way, that picture makes me crack up!! First off, that guy looks to happy & second the groundhog looks like it’s going to kill somebody. 😛

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