Its Cold…

I am so cold! This is ridiculous! I’m pretty sure all teachers have a grasp on that… So… Why do they make kids stand outside for half an hour? Why cant we just go sit in the gym quietly? Is someone in the gym at that time? Would it cause harm to them? Thanks to them, now my legs feel like their being pinched. Its like that feeling when your leg falls asleep but much worse and more freezing! I admit, that tights and a dress weren’t the smartest choice but I had every intention on making the bus, believe me. But of course, the idiotic bus driver comes early and doesn’t wait at the bus stop until the designated time. I was out there at 6:53 and he was gone already! Whats with the world now a days? Has the world turned selfish, dreary and idiotic just because of this darn recession? I need answers!

42 more days until St. Patrick’s Day! Yipee!


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