I’m in <3!

Though I have no idea what he looks like and what he is all about I am entirely in love with Greg James! In our car we have XM radio and there just so happens to be a British Radio Station available on it. (BBC) Sometimes, I catch myself turning the channel on not to hear the music play but to wait for the breaks so that I can hear him introduce a new song. Ashley and Sara both think I’m crazy but I absolutely adore his voice! Its amazing!! I know while reading this post your all thinking, Madelyn’s such a dork! She doesn’t even know what the stupid guy looks like… Maybe I am… But I believe in fantasies! And if thats not ok with you all, than I guess you’ve never dreamed at night! Though, it may be funny I’m completely satisfied with just the sound of his voice. (His wonderful, amazing voice…) Ahhh… I don’t need a picture or a background check just his amazing accent. Well, I don’t want to get you all too freaked out with that lovey-dovey stuff especially since it is not even Valentine’s day so ta ta! Rock on to the UK!

~ Daisy


7 thoughts on “I’m in <3!

  1. lol mady. there’s really nothing wrong with it. also, so what if u r a dork? or a nerd? dorks and nerds are the definition of awesome these days.

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