Mix-Match Socks!

Because we wont be here tomorrow I decided to put up another post to compensate. (Don’t forget to check over today’s post.)  So, I’ll be talking about something that occurred to me while reading a rainbow cake recipe. Weird, huh… I realized that I love mix-match socks! Whats the fun of wearing the same pair of socks every day and not mixing it up a little. Plus its a great way to be fun if you can’t go shopping for a few weeks! I also think its kind of mean not to let the other socks meet other pairs… They have feelings too! Now, I’m going overboard aren’t I… Well, thats all for now… Maybe we should have a day where everyone wears mix-match socks! Tell me what you think. Would you be up for it! Here is an awesome picture…

~ Daisy


12 thoughts on “Mix-Match Socks!

    • Awesome! I loved the picture, I was just trying to figure out when to do the official Mix-Match Sock Day because so many people voted yes! What do you think? Maybe at the end of the school year…
      ~ mAdY 😀

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