Nothing is impossible! Just remember that when you read over my posts. I mean, I’m one to be optimistic about things but this! There is no way that I ever thought I’d be able to pull this off and on accident! So, heres what happened… On the way to the dog park by the airport, “Runway” or “Project Runway” which is what me and my Mom call it as a joke (laugh) I was running into the house to get some socks on cause my Mom caught me without them on. Childish I know, but that is completely beside the point. On my way out of the house and to the car I was in a rush and so my shoe laces weren’t tied. So, as I thought I was running down the stairs my shoe lace got stuck in the locked door I shut behind me and I fell face first onto the wet icy porch! “Youch!” Plus, my hand got cut by the railing and now there is a huge dent in my hand. Oh and to top the sundae off with a cherry my Dad started laughing. It was the worst Sunday I have ever experienced. Not only have I lost some blood but I have lost some pride as well! Thank God I have an orthodontist appointment tomorrow because I can’t take anymore of this bad-luck. I need a vacation even if its just for twenty four hours in an office in the neighborhood.

~ Daisy

39 more days until St. Patrick’s Day! πŸ™‚


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