I’m kind of sick of the lack of communication skills in my household.  For the past month my mother and my orthodontist (who happens to be some long distance uncle who is giving us a discount) have been doing a game of phone tag.  No one even bothers to let me in on any of the information I am entitled to know about it.  Don’t you think I should have a heads up if for the third time this month my orthodontist has called to reschedule?  I think so!  I’m so irritated and though I know we probably wouldn’t have been able to get out to Lake Geneva anyway for the appointment I’m still upset.  Plus, I know my weekend is booked and that means I will not be able to re – cooperate.  Not all hope is lost!  I’m still having quite a fun time with the business project and laughing at hilarious Austin and Aaron!  See you later…

P.S.  My orthodontist appointment is now in two weeks! 😦

~ Daisy


6 thoughts on “Rescheduling…

  1. Hey buddy! You’re getting braces? :O When???? Nice. I know how you feel. My orthodontist spits at me while talking about my teeth. He has retainers on.

  2. I wish you good luck with your braces! My orthodontist sings pants on the ground while i get them tightened. ha ha. shes weird. but yeah good luck! I’m not gonna say anything about braces until the day gets closer. i don’t wanna make you nervous. ha ha .

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