I wish!

I wish a lot, I guess. And all of you might think I sound like a nag all the time but I truly think that if all the eight grader’s wishes for this school came true. At the lunch table we’ve found ourselves just ranting on and on about specials being gone next year. It’s not really like it’s our problem but were just worried. I found myself second-guessing authority. Who do they think they are? The last place you should be budgeting is the schools… Anyway, one of my other wishes is that we had a Student Council. Than, the student’s opinion’s could be heard better. My mom told me about her student council and how they sold carnations during Valentine’s Day. People who bought them could have them sent to certain people during their study hall anonymously. I think that’s cute! Don’t you think that we should have a student council?

~ Daisy


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