Because Sara went out of her way to dedicate her post of the day to me and give me what I’ve always wanted: an albino penguin (long story) I’ve decided to dedicate my post to her since she is the one that brought up the conversation! I hope you feel super extra special Sara! It turns out over lunch we talked about a lot. All the subjects were interesting including how cool Ashley’s blog was but what really made me laugh was how much I absolutely love bubble wrap. Not only is it an amazing thing that can protect all your prized possessions but it’s also a cheap entertainer. Just roll out a sheet and start dancing and you’d be surprised with how much joy you’ll be given in exchange. I’m also excited for the busy weekend and the new movie that is coming out, “Valentines Day!” Rumor has it that all the great actors participated. I also can’t wait until the Johnny Depp, “Alice and Wonderland” comes out! (See Ashley’s header for a cool picture.) What are you looking forward to this weekend?

P.S. Sorry Cassidy! I’m not copying you, I promise! I didn’t even know that this was the topic of your post too! 😦


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