Well lunch was good! I had potatoe soup and some orange slices but what I really love is Hailey’s voices. I’m kind of suspicious I mean today is going really well! Is this staged? I swear, if you are all playing a trick on me I’ll dump my sister at your house and believe me it will all be over for you. Babysitting her sometimes makes me wish I was never born. Ashley’s the only one who understands that concept. Thank you Ashley! But, seriously… I mean I got all my homework done in Ms. Mattson’s, all my projects (for now) are done in Mr. Skonecki’s, my forensic peice is finalized and going strong and now I feel confident in my WMSA piece! Things are going great, whats up? Not to be ungrateful or anything but I’m just not used to having an absolutely perfect day with no responsibilities but to put up a blog post which in reality isn’t really that much of a bother. I mean, I love blogging! Oh, enough about me! How is your day going?

~ Daisy


5 thoughts on “Huh…

  1. My day is doing okay, despite the fact that we have more and more homework! I’m tired of too much work. Glad you’re having such a fabulous day. 🙂 -Edhela

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