Hi! Thanks everyone for taking part in my videos… I love doing them and I’ve decided to make them weekly instead of daily. You see, Ashley and I were talking it over during in lunch and it turns out I still want to keep this a journal as well so I’ll continue to write and express myself while the videos get posted on the weekend. So every Monday you’ll have a new riddle or puzzle, okay? Thanks Cassidy! You have been so nice to me all year and now your promoting my blog! How can I ever thank you? As far as whats happening now shop is well complicated and school is the same as ever: fun at times but boring for the most part. Sorry that there is no picture right now. Tonight you’ll have one because I’m fixing my blog up at home since that seems to be the only place wordpress.com works! ❀ Ya! Maybe I’ll even make a different page that posts all my “Weekly Fun with Mady” videos. I’ll check up with you tomorrow! Hang loose! (Hailey and I are looking at a picture of Honolulu.)
~ Daisy


5 thoughts on “Hey…

  1. You’re welcome!! I had to mention your blog to the classroom!! It’s too awesome to just be sitting there!! Haha I wanted people to see how great of a writer you are!!

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