I Feel Like A Rainbow!

I feel like a rainbow only I’m pretty sure I haven’t given any money away to small men with green jackets (leprechauns)! I have so many emotions going on right now. For one, I just realized that my science experiment is complete mush but I’m so happy to know that there are people posting about me! Thank you to all who are making my day! I don’t know… I’m so confused as to how I feel right now but yet I’m completely happy! I’m not going to be here tomorrow or Friday because of a concert and orthodontist appointment but I promise to be the best, “sunshine” I can be! (That is my new nickname.) Oh! On Monday you’ll have the next, “Weekly Fun with Mady!” Yay! Have fun but not too much without me! ❤ Ya! How do you feel?
~ Daisy

P.S. Sorry about the lack of color and a picture, but I promise to post a picture and add some fantastic colors when I get home! Blame wordpress.com!

P.S.S.  Anybody ever had aspirations about chomping into a scrumptious piece of rainbow cake?  Well here is your chance!  To get the recipe click here to access a document I’ve made on Google Docs that includes the recipe! “Chow!”


11 thoughts on “I Feel Like A Rainbow!

  1. You know Mady, it’s not WordPress with the issue, it’s something that MPS did (I think maybe on accident). See I went to see if WordPress worked on my Grandma’s computer but I didn’t. Then a little screen popped up and said “Your Javascript is down.” So when Mr. Skonecki told me to log in the computer when the MPS technicians I told them my opinion. They thought that might be the problem.


  2. Hello there!
    No, I’m not a stalker, but I do have to say,
    that is the most colorful piece of cake I’ve ever seen!

    What leprechauns? He-he! I know those little guys all too well.
    Have a nice day now, Mady.

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